Friday, September 14, 2007

Indicators that your child might have a Worst Mama

While standing outside the fence of a great hole dug by an excavator in a gated neighborhood lot, her friends' father asks why there is a hole there.

Child 1: It's going to be a swimming pool!

Child 2: It's going to be a basement for a building.

Your child: It's going to be a place to bury a lot of dead people.

Uh, yeah, it was MY child who offered mass grave as a solution, what of it?! We live in Jersey.


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

woops..sorry or the deleted comment...nursing baby kicked key board, not sure what happened! That's really funny. I wonder where they get this stuff?

karen said...

What color do you suppose the Anti-Lauren's-Leadership armbands will be? How about the Support-Lauren's-Leadership ones? You only get a WMP here if you managed not to look horrified or choke right after she said it...and you'll really deserve the point if you actually looked proud!

Chaotic Joy said...

This was so hillarious, I actually read it outload to my husband. I think you only get a point if you can if you can somehow take credit for the mass grave comment. Like have you having family bonding while watching Poltergeist or something?

sister k said...

1 pt. if lauren picked up the idea from watching the godfather series with you....2 pts. if it was way after bedtime? :)