Thursday, August 16, 2007

Abandoning My Post

I am abandoning my post. Worse, I will be waking everyone at some ungodly hour (think 4am) to make sure they are conscious of my departure, since I can't drive to the airport myself (think broken leg & standard transmission). Tomorrow morning, I will take off for Toronto, designated site of this year's What The Hell Sabbatical, the chance for mothers to spend a few blissful hours sans husband, sans children, sans cares...pas sans wine, pas sans chocolate, pas sans spa treatments!

In preparation for the event, the kids are up an hour and eleven minutes past their bedtime (currently). This should neatly ensure that they are surly and argumentative through most of tomorrow, which will grate Chris' nerves to nubs before Saturday even begins, which will set a fantastic tone for the weekend.

I'm off to pack now. Chris will have to help me with my suitcase and getting things up from the laundry and whatever, so he's bound to notice I'm headed out, even without the pending 4am wakeup. Ordinarily, I would sort of dread leaving my boys (all three of them) behind but, once a year, I can't wait to do it.

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Kicking N. Screaming said...

You definitely deserve a point for waking everyone up at 4AM so they can begin their weekend without mama alone at what is certainly an ungodly hour...but I think you have to lose that same point for treating yourself because that kind of relaxation will only make you a happier and therefore probably more indulgent mama.