Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brownie Mix

My last two weeks have been filled with fluffed pillows propping up my bad leg and a parade of drinks and snacks offered whenever I murmur. I haven't had the inclination to do anything that might qualify for WMPs - keep the peeled grapes coming!

Seriously? Chris has been fantastic about letting me rest. He's taken charge of pretty much anything requiring two legs and hasn't been the least grumpy about it. He's even indulging my cravings, which is why Pixie is currently wearing a glop of brownie mix behind her right ear. She isn't pleased about it, although I'm fairly sure she hasn't quite figured out what's happened yet. She's chattering at me about it though, because she has already determined that no matter what is on her head, she doesn't like it. I'm running a bet with myself about how much she'll yell at me before she gets off my lap. I'm giving long odds on a lasting lecture - it's pretty cold tonight and the window is open.

Somebody save me! In lieu of torturing my children, I've turned on the cat.


Joy, of course said...

Did you say it's pretty cold tonight? Do you know what the temp here will be today? 99 degrees...AGAIN! My kids are so sick of staying inside.

Oh and lemme get this straight. You are reclining on the couch all day while Chris takes care of everything and baking you sweets? And you want sympathy that the cat is bugging you?


karen said...


...I was actually teasing about the peeled grapes and pillows. On Tuesday, I hauled myself through pouring rain to a meeting in the city at a jobsite that was entirely unsuitable for a person on crutches. Next time I see the guy who told me the site was ready, I might just beat him with a crutch.

For the record, I wasn't teasing about dropping brownie batter on Pixie and she really was miffed about it.

The Plaid Sheep said...

Mmmmmm, brownies.

Joy, of course said...

Oh Karen, surely you knew I was kidding. You did break your leg after all, you deserve a bit of pampering. And I sincerely hope you are getting some.

Okay, that's enough of sweet and sympathetic Joy for one day. We can't let the kids know about her.