Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Points for Daddy

So last week while I was writing like my fingers were on fire, the Gingerbread Man took the boys to the river, where there's a little island in an inlet. They came home sooner than expected because Samuel got upset at something or Will got upset at something and everything escalated, and before you could say "Blink," Samuel had thrown sand at the Gingerbread Man's face. So, for punishment...Samuel waited upstairs while we conferred. The GB Man was all for making him scrub the play structure with a toothbrush. I suggested a punishment that fit the crime, so he blind-folded him and put him in time-out for 15 minutes so he would know what it felt like to be blind (you know, sand in the eyes). Creative and effective.


sister k said...

oh...i wouldnt have thought of that...i think the creative and safe part of it take away the wmps (is that because i'm not a mama?)

Joy, of course said...

No WMPs. This is a very good punishment. How did he take it?

karen said...

That's an excellent punishment! Tell Bill I'm proud of him for not throwing sand back, too. We've been learning the meaning of "retribution"'s not been pretty.

I kind of agree with Joy and Kath, though. Well constructed parenting doesn't really earn you any WMPs. Good thing you're already in the lead, eh?