Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The criticism continues.

So today for Wordless Wednesday on my own blog, I posted these pictures of Ben standing in the corner. Because I thought they were cute. Allie woke up and saw me posting them and said

"I can't believe you are putting those on your blog. I can't believe Ben crying makes you happy. You should write about THAT on worst mommy ever"

"Oh." I said. "I never thought of it that way, honey."

"Maybe I can get a point for this."

She scowled at me and walked away.


bubandpie said...

There's an infamous photo of me, at about age 9, screaming at the kitchen table - red-eyed, mouth wide-open, absolutely enraged at my father's impudence at actually photographing the moment.

And now Bub sits at the same spot at the same table, often with the EXACT same expression on his face (he's not a fan of being made to sit at the table sometimes). I am so tempted to take a photo...

slouching mom said...

Oh, I often take photos of my kids when they're sad. But only when they're sad about something that's not worthy of the emotion. Bad mommy, I.

Epiphany Alone said...

Yes, I think that merits a point.

Hey BubandPie and Slouching Mom, y'all wanna play? ;)

Kyla said...

Oh Allie. She'll get it one day, when it is her own child, adorably pouting in the corner.

I have sad photos of both of my kiddos, because just immortalizing the happy moments isn't really the truth. But like SM, I try to do it only when they are inordinately upset, usually about something very insignificant.