Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bossy, Bossy Child

So my soon to be 4 year old Kyle has apparently decided it is no longer as much fun to just tell me how to do everything. He has decided that he now needs to tell his teacher at Pre-K just how to do everything as well. She even sent home a note today saying she had to speak to him about how the classroom has only 1 teacher and he is not it! Gee, wonder what that teacher thinks we teach this child at home. See he has this really bossy streak (not my fault at all)....could just be the 1st child thing or the fact that every oldest child (of which I am not) in my family is bossy...however he has decided that I need instruction on how to do everything. Here are the latest rundowns: I need to ask directions to every place I drive (I got lost once on the way to a friend's house so now Kyle thinks I cannot possibly find my way around without help) and keeping to the whole drive thing, apparently I cannot drive either as he tells me constantly to put both of my hands on the wheel and the best of all, I need to call Daddy to help if something goes wrong with the car like having to change a tire. Sheez, did I or did I not manage to carry this child to term and deliver this child into this world? I guess that whole I gave birth to you thing just does not qualify as knowing what I am doing.

I have also come this close to ruining this child's birthday. I had the kids with me Monday and had to go to the grocery store. I, being very sick and my husband being out of town, my brain is not really firing on all cylinders. So, we come out of the store and I get to the car and pop the trunk like I always do. Easy right? Not so much when Kyle's big birthday present, a real bike, is still in my trunk. Aaaarrggghhhh.....Kyle being the smarty pants he is looks at me and says...."my bike for birthday?" I of course play it off like "oh, I don't know"....sheez....what will I do next, tell him Santa is not real???


Epiphany Alone said...

My daughter Lauren is the same way. Lately it's my husband who she feels needs driving instruction. He isn't very patient with that.

You get 1 WMP.

Of COURSE there's a Santa. I just had to explain that this week after a couple of older boys tried to drop that bomb at soccer camp. Actually, what I said was, "What do you think?" and she replied, "That the boys are wrong." "Ok." I replied.

*pab said...

Congrats on your first point! I'm glad I'll be around to witness the backtracking on "me? bike? birthday?" Just remember, "patience, mama?" xo

Ashley Long said...

Yea! I got my first point...and here I had my doubts about being a WME. Thank you, thank you.