Monday, August 27, 2007

I Haven't Even Yet Begun to Fight

But when I do, on or about December 29th of this year, beware...

Thanks for including me in your blogging fun. Lisa Provost, dear friend and possibly the Worst. (mean)Mama. Ever., comforted my fears of impending motherhood by sharing the secret: we ALL screw up, ALL the time. Good thing for the kids that we're the only mamas they will ever have! Good thing, too, there is a group of smart, witty, honest and supportive women to brace our collective falls and curb our collective self-doubt and guilt.

Epiphany Alone suggested a short, introductory post, so here are the vitals: I'm 36 and 22-weeks pregnant with a baby boy. I'm not married, but my baby-daddy (Phil or "PG") and I have been in a loving, committed relationship for more than eight years. We live together in Fort Myers, FL, just 1/2-mile away from my sister (Ashley) and brother-in-law and two precious nephews. Our baby was not planned, or even anticipated, but we believe he is a blessing and a gift.

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Joy, of course said...

Welcome Paige. What you say is true, we do all screw up which is the point of this blog. To find humor and support for the parenting bumps we encounter along the way. And there is nothing like reading another parents shortcomings to make you feel better about your own.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Welcome, welcome, my fecund friend! Now is the time when you're allowed to be full on crazy (FOC) and rack up lots of Worst Girlfriend Ever points. Feel free to cry because "the lamb just didn't turn out like I hoped it would tonight".

Epiphany Alone said...

Welcome, Paige!

Hear, hear on FOC. About a week before I had Lauren, I spent 2 hours standing in front of a display of baby bottles crying my eyes out because it had just occurred to me that I should have bottles and I had no idea how to select them. In that moment, I was NOT ready to be a Mommy, and why the HELL hadn't anyone warned me about this?!

*pab said...

FOC is the truth, right along with "pregnancy senility" - a term used frequently by my dear sister. I'm usually the one with the memory. Not so anymore. I can't figure out whether it's a good thing, and I'm being forced to focus on the "important" stuff, or whether I'll be the one on the 6:00pm news for having left her baby at a shopping mall.