Monday, August 27, 2007

Ben joins his siblings in the case against me.

This morning was a typical Monday morning in my home. I was trying to get Ben and Clara bathed and dressed and ready for Gymboree. Ben needed a snack before we headed out and we went through the normal routine:

"I don't want that bowl. I don't want that snack. I don't want to sit here. I want to watch TV while I eat." to which he received my normal response:

"Too bad. Too bad. Too bad. Too bad" until I finally snapped and said "Just eat your snack!" rather loudly.

Okay I yelled.

Ben then replied with "Why you have to be so gwouchy." Big sigh on my part.

"I'm sorry Ben, just eat your snack."

But no, he couldn't let it go.

"Mom, why you yell at me? I don't like yelling."

Again I sigh, and apologize and he gives me a gracious "That's okay, Mommy"

But I must admit this trend of my children pointing out all my parenting shortcomings to me, is wearing a little thin.

I realize that this is probably a result of my prayers for God to help me become a more patient parent. But really, I can't help but think that God's chiding voice might be slightly less iritating coming out of say, a burning bush, than my three year old.

I can't fault the effectiveness of His methods though.


Kicking N. Screaming said...

I think God wants you to take a page out of Karen's book and spend a long weekend at a spa. I bet you won't yell once while you're there.

Epiphany Alone said...

Gosh. Gotta love 3. And 4. Oh. Right, 5 isn't so charming so far either...

You get 1 WMP for this incident.