Friday, August 3, 2007

Shopping with Allison

Today I took Allison shopping for back to school clothes. We picked out 2 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes and a backpack. It took us over 4 hours. No joke. About 3 hours in, I was getting grouchy. I wanted to make a quick spin through a store to see if they had a top I wanted to wear for my anniversary next week, and then hit the shoe store next door for her. She was whining that she just wanted a drink first, she was "soooo thirsty." Well I snapped at her.

"Allison, I have trooped up and down this mall and spent a fortune on you this afternoon and now when I want to stop in one store you won't let me. This seems very ungrateful to me." I was feeling my worst mother points melting away in the midst of my self-righteousness.

To which Allison replied,

"You always do this! You do something nice for me and then you take the niceness away by trying to make me feel guilty about it. I hate it!"

Oh Man. It's official, I'm a martyr.

And I have been called out on it by my ten year old daughter. Who taught that girl to think anyway?

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Epiphany Alone said...

Oh I so own this. I can't count how many times we've gone out to the bookstore to pick out a book for Lauren or to buy some new clothes for Lindsay that ended in me yelling at them about how I'm doing something nice for them. The only difference is that mine are too little to call me on my behavior.


You get 2 WMPs for your martyrdom, and lose one for 4 friggin hours of shopping with a 10-year-old, netting 1 WMP for this incident.