Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hi. I'm Marianne (emmay). I am a mom to two daughters, aged 3 1/2 and 2o months. Both were born prematurely (28 weeks and 30 weeks gestation respectively...surely my inability to gestate my children completely should earn me some points right off the bat). I do not work outside the home for pay, but I do volunteer weekly at the NICU where my children "lived" after they were born. I have been blogging since early 2007. My first blog, Safety Week, is about day to day stuff. My second blog, Pondering, is written as a memoir of sorts about my journey to motherhood, my girls' experiences in the NICU, etc. It's moving kinda slow...I haven't even had the older one yet. I also contribute to two other shared blogs about motherhood. I am a terrible typist, so my posts are nearly always generously peppered with typos. I also refer to my children by their middle names in blogger world. Ruthie is the older one, Helen the baby.
My recent affinity for blogging seems to be havinga positive impact on my children. As I was completing my registration for this blog, my older daughter cried to me "She's out!" I tore myself away from the keyobaord to find my baby heading down the porch steps, wearing nothing but a diaper and pair of socks. It's 46 degrees here.

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Grandmoo said...

As long as he had on his diaper, I'm not sure these hard-core gals will give you any points for that! (Nice to see a new mama in the group!)