Thursday, October 4, 2007

For Paige

Just so you know, Mommy-to-be, with regards to mothers-in-law (or in my case, step-mother-in-law), it doesn't get better after you have kids.

Message left after canceling twice on watching our kids this weekend and we enlisted the help of her sister- and brother-in-law so that we could have a romantic getaway last weekend:
Hi (long pause as though she's waiting for me to pick up even though it's voicemail, not an answering machine). I just wanted to let you know we had such a good time with the girls this weekend and we really bonded (audible inhalation) with Lindsay (exaggerated, another audible inhalation) this weekend...and we really would like to have both girls for an overnight soon.
Sure. How about when aitch E double hockey sticks freezes over?


*pab said...

Hi Epiphany...I think our M-I-Ls share the same brain (or, vacuous brain-space, as it were...)

karen said...

It would sort of serve her right if you agreed. Especially if you let the girls drink absolutely as much apple cider as they wanted the day before, and maybe on the way up, too...