Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just a Reminder

It's Zero-Nutrition Thursday!!! In honor of the day, I downed three pieces of a milk chocolate Symphony bar with toffee and almonds. Actually, I finished it. Now I've got leftover apple-cranberry pie. And, oh darn! I can't share with the children because they're allergic to the ingredients!


*pab said...

Never ever before have I turned a phrase that caught like wildfire...I am ETERNALLY heartened that you girls are down with my ZNT!

Chaotic Joy said...

I did my part. I ate half a dozen cookies this afternoon while waiting for the call from Shane's surgeon (he had knee reconstruction today.) And some pretzles, and some teddy grahams (because I really wanted chocolate and we didn't have any). I was nervous about the surgery.


It helps me accomplish my ZNT goals.

karen said...

ZNT for me:

* one very large, very caffeinated, full-fat latte

* a smushy-fatty-creamcheesy-sugary pumpkin muffin

* approximately 9 oz (out of a possible 12.70 oz) Peanut Butter M&M's

* 16 oz ginger ale

* 20 oz water (does that count against?)

* a few more PBMMs

* dinner (it was all for show - chris made it and I couldn't NOT eat it in front of the kids)

* a beer

* ice cream

Chaotic Joy said...

Wow Karen. Way to work the ZNT! You rock.

Grandmoo said...

You must lose. I hear almonds are healthful.