Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just a Squirrel Trying to Get a Nut

Apparently my son Kyle has decided that 1) I do not feed him enough food or 2) he is turning into a squirrel. For the last few weeks after doing my kids laundry I have been finding tons (I mean literally tons) of freakin acrons in my washing machine. After the clothes have been cleaned and I am getting ready to put them in the dryer. At first I could not figure this out. Where in the world were all the acrons coming from? Finally I realized Kyle was literally squirreling them away in his pockets and I had no clue until they were washed. Ugh!

AND. As I am typing the email my son Todd is screaming from his bedroom (MOMMMIIIEEEE) and beating on his door because we have locked him in his room.

This is a LONG...LONG...LONG story. Started when Kyle was younger and would not stay in his bed at night. So, we turned his lock around and locked his door. He FREAKED...started banging and screaming...finally, just as Kevin and I were about to give in, Kyle got on the floor to yell through the crack (because he is louder that way)...."I stuck." Of course we both came undone at that now fast forward....Todd has been getting out of his bed (since we changed his crib to a toddler bed a few weeks ago) and going into Kyle's room and getting into bed with him. This turns 8pm bedtime into 9 or 9:30pm bedtime once we finally get the kids to sleep. SOOOO, here we are again...locking the kids in their rooms.

Total child abuse I am sure....but we must give the kids something to talk about in future therapy sessions. At least we will all know why they are afraid of the dark... and locked doors.


emmay said...

I put one of those doorknob safety things on the inside doorknob so my older daughter couldn't get out. When my baby gets there, I don't know what we'll do...deadbolt on the outside? She figures everything out!

Chaotic Joy said...

Ashley-I had one of the child safety locks on Ben's door as well because he would get up and reek havoc in the middle of the night. Food everywhere. Mysterious things printed off the computer. We have finally taken it off last week (for the second time) and so far he wakes up and immediately comes to get me, but we will see how long it lasts.

Ashley Long said...

The best part about this whole thing is that Kyle kept opening Todd's door last night after we had locked it. Finally had to lock them both in their own rooms...they were still talking/singing/yelling to each other through the wall.