Friday, October 5, 2007

Is 10:45 AM too early for wine?

Clara's in her crib screaming. It's not naptime, but I have had enough of her. She's in one of those "I must be held and walked around or I am going to crawl around behind you clinging to your pants and whining" moods. And it's Friday and it's been a long week and I have had enough.

Ben and I were working on his cutting skills, per instructions from the school, but I have had enough of "I can't DOOO it" too and have walked away and left him to his own devices with fiskars, gluesticks and a whole box of markers (haven't I learned my lessons on this before?)

I was lying on the sofa with a pillow over my head to try to drown out Ben's whining of "Mommy HELP me" and Clara's screaming but I got up to send my frustrations into the blogosphere.

It's possible they get the whining thing from me. Where the heck is everyone? I am in need of some humorous parenting screw-ups to make me laugh and feel better about myself.


sister k said...

school started and all of the WMEs disappeared! lol...either everyone is too busy yelling and being horrible racking up points or all of the WME actions scared the kids into being angelic and nobody has anything worthy of the WME monthly honor :)

i'm not a WME but i have a few stories worthy of being WN(urse)E ;)

*pab said...

It's never too early for wine. As a matter of fact, mimosas are DELIGHTFUL at the brunch hour...and those tiny bubbles are magic...they might even make the whining disappear! Plus, you could probably justify a few hearty gulps by the kiddos as the "daily allowance of vitamin C."

karen said...

At 10:45am, your time, it's 5:45pm in Paris. Fill up your glass and raise a toast as if we were in our rightful places at some café on the Left Bank.

In order to have peace for this, take away the markers, gluesticks and scissors. Give Ben a nice roll of scotch tape instead. Tape is fun and not an entire pain in the rear to clean up unless Ben manages to stick it nice and flat to some antique varnished wood.

Give Clara a roll of tape, too - it's never too soon to find out if you can stick your thigh rolls together.

Some cookies or other highly sugared substance might do well, too. I bet you missed celebrating ZNT yesterday, so make up for it now!

You'll feel better after a glass of wine and you'll be able to tell because your children, who will be covered from head to toe in tape and crumbs, will be staring at you, doe-eyed, wondering who this marvelously calm, smiling woman is.

sister k said...

tape and cookies. brilliant. think it would work for the patients? karen, you're losing your wme pts. fast :)

karen said...

I don't think I deserve to lose my own WMPs for taping & sugaring someone else's kids! Now, if the webcam were pointed into MY living room...