Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The lack of Shoes

"Go get your shoes, Will."

"Will, go get your shoes. We need to pick up Samuel."

"This is the third time I'm asking you. Get your shoes. Now."

No shoes.

We go to pick up Samuel from the afterschool library program. Will walks through the garage in socks, out of the car in socks, across the parking lot in socks, through the library in socks.

He wasn't happy. I only wished it had rained today.

Worst Mamas out there--October's got my name written all over it.


emmay said...

You are my hero. I have been tempted to do that many, many times.

Sarah said...

That is hilarious! I've been tempted too...I might do it now!

karen said...

Nice job - between this and the pinching, you're totally leading October! The only drawback is, of course, that Will certainly won't be purchasing his own replacement socks. Perhaps you can teach him to darn the holes, at least?

Spice Girl said...

Thankfully, he was wearing socks that he's outgrown. Yes, another point! Putting my child in clothes (ok, just socks) that are too small! They're headed for the garbage can anyway.

Anonymous said...

I've threatened to make my boys go to church in their pajamas when they are moving too slow. I've never followed through though - I guess I'm a slacker

Scarehaircare said...

If SPice gets a point for that you have to let me in because I had the SCHOOL COUNSELOR call me asking if I needed financial aid because I sent my boy to school without socks (Spice knows the story...)

Epiphany Alone said...

Ginger gets 1 WMP, and Scarehaircare? If you wanna be a Worst Mama, e-mail me.