Monday, October 15, 2007

A proud domestic moment.

Brandon and Allison walk into the kitchen where I am with the little ones.

"Look Brandon, I made your favorite cookies!" I announce.

He walks over to the oven. "Oh. Baller! (translation: Cool) Can I have one?"

Allie walks up behind him and looks at the cookie sheet. "Yay Mom! I love it when you bake."

Their favorite cookies:

And this is why, sadly, my children will never be referred to as Epicurean.


karen said...

Did you go all-out and bake BOTH kinds?

Chaotic Joy said...

Nope. Just the pumpkins. Although, the ghosts are in the fridge for the next time I decide to go all out. :)

Spice Girl said...

Given half the chance, I'm quite certain my boys would go ga-ga over ghosts and pumpkins in their cookies. Especially since I don't make cookies for them at all anymore. Instead, if they want a treat, they ask for an olive, sometimes a pickle. Weird, huh?

alanaransley said...

My son loves those cookies! He never forgets to remind me about the time, two years ago, when one of those cookies slid off the cookie sheet onto the element of my oven, and shorted it out. We had to call the fire department to come and get the smoke out of our house, and also turn off all of the power to our house to get the oven to turn off. My six-year-old tells this story to everyone we ever meet. He's quite impressed that "Mommy set the oven on fire!"

karen said...

Setting your oven on fire with a cookie takes talent! Do you stick a safety foil under the cookie sheets when you bake now?