Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wait just a cotton-picking minute here

That's MY toddler giving herself a beer bath in a puddle of cat water in Karen's kitchen. And it was because I'd not checked that my diaper bag actually contained diapers and not just a dozen Little People and their animals, a can of sunscreen in a plastic zip bag, and a plastic box of TV-themed Band-Aids.

Also, Karen's husband wouldn't have survived to break their nutcracker were it not for me putting on my best "Karen voice" and shouting from their front porch, "Christopher, get out of the street!"


Grandmoo said...

Ok, so you both win. Your mom must so proud! (Thanks for not killing Chris.)

Chaotic Joy said...

Okay, I MUST give Epiphany a point for the naked child pouring beer all over themselves in someone elses house while she takes a picture. Maybe even two. That was some serious worst mothering. :)