Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Child Labor Rocks

My house was clean this morning. Much cleaner than normal. Allison had to clean the guest bathroom as part of her Saturday chores. And then because she chose to "forget" to do her Saturday chores on Saturday and I had to make her do them on Monday, she had to clean the living room too.

Then at dinner she offered to do extra chores in exchange for not eating any green beans. She's always offering these types of bargains. "I'll pay you $5 if I don't have to eat any peas." and we are always telling her to stop being ridiculous and eat her peas. Well yesterday, because I was in a "I'm sick of this crap, and am calling your bluff" kind of mood (see post below) I said "Fine. No Green Beans. You can clean out Ben's room." which was a landfill of Thomas tracks, animals, cars and books. Because, nothing says par-tay to a 3 year old like taking your books off your shelves and throwing them across the room during nap-time. Allison stuttered and stammered about just eating a couple green beans and I told her the discussion was over, she shouldn't offer deals she wasn't willing to follow through on.

Then to put the cherry on the proverbial sundae, Brandon was late coming in for dinner. The rule is if you don't make it to dinner on-time you have to be the one to clean the kitchen. So last night I sat on the couch in my clean living room and read books to Ben while Brandon did dishes and scrubbed the kitchen.

I sure hope someone gets in trouble today. The fridge could use a good scrubbing too.


karen said...

You know, if they run out of things to clean at your house, you could send them over to mine!

I'll give you +1 for opportunism (refusing to let Allison eat her green beans for fear of having to do Ben's room yourself) and +1 for tagging extra chores on as consequence for "forgetting" a chore in the first place.

I'd like to give you one for Brandon having to clean the kitchen, but it doesn't look like you reclined in the kitchen with a glass of wine, to highlight how YOU were SO not cleaning up...which I think a teenager might need in order to grasp how very WORST you really are.

Total: 2 points

Joy, of course said...

Wow, I totally wan't expecting any points for this one. I didn't even feel bad.