Thursday, July 26, 2007

Save that date

Surely there's a point in here for me. Here's an IM conversation I just had with my brother:

[08:34] lastprovost: My baby is one!
[08:34] lastprovost: No more infants for me.
[08:34] keithvtc: I KNOW!!!
[08:34] keithvtc: It's on my CALENDAR!!!
[08:34] keithvtc: I smoked a cigar in her honor
[08:35] lastprovost: It was on mine, too. Shortly before we left for vacation I noticed I'd written it on the 27th.
[08:35] keithvtc: hahahah
[08:35] keithvtc: 1) You had to put your kid's BD on your calendar
[08:35] keithvtc: 2) you entered it on the wrong date

Anyway, it's Sarah's first birthday today! Love that kid. Check her out.


Epiphany Alone said...

I'm going to give 2 WMPs on this one, one solid point is for the awesome picture on your blog of Sarah enjoying a beer. After pushing a baby out of your nether regions without an epidural earns you a break on what day it was...

Happy birthday, Miss Sarah!

Joy, of course said...

HA! I concur. 2 WMPs for you. One for the hillarious story of writing your babies birthday on your calendar wrong, and one for getting your baby toasted.

Happy birthday beautiful girl.

sister k said...

1/2 pt. for writing wrong birthdate and actually caring that you did (if she were old enough to notice, that would be mega a 16 candles kind of thing) but i'll give you the other 2 1/2 pts. for letting the baby drink sam adams so far under the legal age yeah i'll give ya 2!