Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Fair!

"...I will win this competition hands down. I am the worst mama ever, just ask my older two children."

Just because Joy's offspring have already Made The Declaration, she thinks she will win. I think the rest of us can easily prove her wrong! I got two votes today, one from Rob and the other from my mom (who was too polite to post hers in comments...).

While I don't disagree that Ginger could be the W.M.E. (time will tell), I would like to open a debate regarding the equivalence of "worst" and "mean." Ging's taking off for ten days of bliss (where bliss = grueling intensive classwork and writing more in a day than I wrote during my entire high school experience). I figure we can probably settle the matter decisively before she gets back. Either that or she'll return and mediate us all down off the ledge, which could require a deduction from her cache of WMPs, which would move the rest of our standings ahead that little bit. Anyone with me?

Finally, I think we all agree that grocery shopping alone IS a night on the town.

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Joy, of course said...

I agree that "mean" and WME is not the same thing. You can be mean for something as small as only allowing one piece of candy, something that would actually give you negative WME points. So, sorry Ging, no dice on the meaness card.

It does stink when they say it though. It's so much nicer when they think you hung the moon.

ALlison is always saying it when her friends are over. "Why do I have to unload the diswasher when Sadie's here? You're so mean!" and now Ben says it when he doesnt get his way as well. I am thinking about having a t-shirt made up. "I am mean, I know, get over it"

Of course Brandon never says it, he either glares at me or says "Why are you hatin on me?" so maybe I need two t-shirts, one of which will require a translation.