Friday, July 27, 2007

Don't tell anyone Mama's in the closet...

"Mama, please come open the closet door."

"What's wrong with it?" I asked, pulling Lindsay's one-piece outfit on.

"I think the monsters must've locked it."

"Monsters?" I placed Lindsay on Lauren's bed. "Is there any such thing?"

"No." Lauren looked bravely at the closed door.

I gave it a tug. It came open easily, but I shut it again quickly. "Did you see that?"

She took a big step back. "No..."

I pulled the door again, but this time, I flew into the closet and shut the door. "Aaaack! Save yourselves!"

I reopened the door to find Lauren in tears.

"Oh, come on. You just told me there was no such thing as monsters..."

She didn't reply. She rubbed her runny nose with the back of her fist.

"Are you upset because you thought I was eaten, or because you thought you were going to have to take care of Lindsay?"

"I can't reach the toaster yet," she sobbed. "And I don't even know how to peel a banana..."


Kicking N. Screaming said...

You totally get at least 1 WME point for making Lauren cry. I'm sure there's some other type of point you should receive for so bravely coming out of the closet to your chilren.

sister k said...

way to go for critical thinking...lauren gets S&CKP's for sure (smart & cute kid points)! yup, i'd give you a point too. did you laugh in front of her? if you did & it does sound like you took joy in what you did, that's another WMP :)

karen said...

What? Lauren can't use the Big Knife For Peeling Bananas yet? She's going to be five in a few months! There's not much time to get her used to the 8" hardened steel blade before all the other kids will think she's just SO behind. 1 WMP for not preparing your child for life in a world where self-peeling bananas are not yet standard.

Epiphany Alone said...

@sister k: I didn't laugh at her.

@karen: You use a knife for peeling bananas?!

karen said...

I was kidding! I only use a knife to slice the top of the banana a little if I don't have a sharp enough thumbnail.