Monday, July 23, 2007


Last week I made a chicken and black bean concoction in the crockpot to serve in tortillas. This is typically a hit with my family, so I made a large batch. It's a crockpot rule at our house, actually. We have to eat it twice. Well we were supposed to eat it this weekend but we ended up eating out instead. So, tonight I got out the Tupperware, peaked at it and dumped it in a pot to reheat. I stopped for a moment. How many days had it been since we had this the first time. 3? 4? Surely not 5? I couldn't remember exactly. I poked around at it, sniffed it, tasted it.

'Seems fine to me. I'm sure it's fine. Was it Thursday we had it or Wednesday? Wednesday would be too long. It was Thursday. I think.'

'Oh whatever, I don't want to waste it.'

Fast forward 30 minutes to my family seated around the table. Ben's nibbling crackers, Clara is eating mac-n-cheese (she usually eats what we do, but I thought this would be to spicy) and Shane, Allison and I are eating chicken tacos. At almost the same instant, Shane and I look at each other,

"This isn't good", I said.

"Yeah", he echoed. "It has a funny taste".

I looked at Allison who had was just finishing up her last bite.

Oh, dear.

So now I am sitting here feeling a bit green. I don't know if it's just the thought that I fed my family bad food, or the food itself, but I am hoping it's mental. Otherwise Allie is going to be really sick.

So, The moral of this story is:

When in doubt, throw it out. Even when it's a lot of money in wasted chicken and you spent too much time reading Harry Potter that day to have come up with something else to cook.


Kicking N. Screaming said...

I'd say 2 WME points for potentially poisoning your child, but -1 for thinking ahead and giving the wee one something milder (by "milder", I of course mean "not deadly").

Epiphany Alone said...

I concur. 1 WMP for Joy...

karen said...

I know I'm a little late to the party but I'm dying to know...was there puking?

Joy, of course said...

No, no puking. Thank goodness! I would have felt awful.

By the way, I showed Brandon the new Worst.Mama.Ever blog and that I was tied for first place. Well, lets just say, he knew it all along. :)