Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Going to the dogs

On the mornings I take the girls to daycare it's nothing but rush, rush, rush. I let them snooze until 30 minutes before we must be out the door and then the race begins. "Up up up!" I announce, turning on lights, opening blinds and sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly obnoxious, singing. There's the battle to get Kate to sit on the potty, the discovery that they both really should've bathed last night, and the ushering of everyone (Kate naked, usually, because the laundry, while clean, is still in a big pile downstairs) down the stairs.

Then I allow them both to have a little morning snack. Not because they need to eat breakfast, daycare will feed them, oh, something. No, this is so I can brush Kate's hair. I need her distracted while I get whatever that is out of it. This morning, Orangutan-Os! Yes, we buy earth-friendly kid cereal at Whole Foods because we are suckers. They taste almost exactly like Apple Jacks. Today, both girls eat them dry.

While frenetically brushing, I happened to glance up at Sarah and notice she was turning blue and doing that neck-lurching thing the cat does immediately prior to producing a hairball. "Oh crap," I thought "the cereal we bought to save the forests is going to kill my child". Just as I was realizing I was going to have to perform the Heimlich on her, she saved herself, sending the menacing chunk of food careening across the kitchen counter. I breathed again (and I assumed she did, too) and inspected the perpetrator. Nope, not an Orangutan-O...dog food.


Joy, of course said...


I can't stop laughing here. (only because she's okay of course). Thanks for the morning crack-up!

Epiphany Alone said...

No bath last night = 1 WMP
Dry cereal for breakfast = 1 WMP
Whatisthat in Kate's hair?! = 1 WMP
"The cereal we bought to save the forest is going to kill my child." = 0 WMPbut it's the best line yet.
Baby choking on cat food = 1 WMP

Good job. You receive 4 WMPs for this post...

Joy, of course said...

She gets a point for dry cereal for breakfast????

I guess I shouldn't cofess then, that Ben and Clara eat that every morning and I think it's fine, because it's breakfast food after all? It's the days that we are out and I give the teddy grahams that I feel guilty. I don't think those are fortified.

Hee hee. I'll let her slide though, since I probably would have given her two points for her child affixiating on dog food. :)

Joy, of course said...

Oops, went back and read this...

that would be "asphyxiating on dog food"

Not sure where my brain was but I am pretty sure that that Sarah did not affix herself to anything except maybe her mama, when she could breath again.

karen said...

I'm with Joy - no WMP for dry cereal. My kids whine if I forget and put milk ON their cereal. You really should wet down the dog food, though, otherwise, even I would consider it a choking hazard (and Epiphany can attest to my vast knowledge of choking hazards).

I would award a bonus point if whatever that was in Kate's hair couldn't be identified. Where was that girl, anyhow?

Kicking N. Screaming said...

There is almost always something mysterious in Kate's hair. Sometimes I can satisfy myself with an educated guess but usually it's just better not to know. The other day I gave her some of my lemonade, warning that it was very full and she should be careful not to spill and she responded "I know. Sometimes I do that. Sometimes I dump it right on top of my head."