Monday, July 30, 2007

Thought police

We took a walk this evening, and ended up at the home of Lauren's friends, twins, where we stayed until dusk. The walk home was punctuated by whining about how tired we were and how we didn't want to walk when Lauren announced that there was a bike behind us.

I stepped to the right with the stroller, and called for Lauren to do the same, but instead she tried to outrun the bike. When I yelled, "Step off the sidewalk!", she stepped left as the bike swerved and nearly missed her.

No worries about the Ivy League, I thought, and said, "Be careful!"

"I'm OK!" she responded cheerfully.

"Sorry," replied the kid on the bike.

1 comment:

Joy, of course said...

Okay, we can't give points for any derogatory thoughts we have towards our children, because I am always proud of myself for not saying them out loud. Hee hee.