Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Second Glass of Wine

It's 9:30 on Thursday night and I am on my second glass of wine. (I obviously found my wine key, Karen, it was in the bottle bottles not wine bottles.) I honestly can't remember the last time I drank more than one glass on a weeknight, but it's been that kind of day. That kind of week.

Clara was up all night long crying. Turns out she has a double ear infection. She was miserable all day. I was trying so hard to get all Brandon's homeschool stuff turned in today, but then I found out he was missing a lot of things he was supposed to do, so we went to war about that. He just finished taking a pie crust out of the oven ten minutes ago, for his cooking class. It was his attempt at being a Renaissance man. He failed. He's grounded for the missing work so he was sent downstairs to solitude, really for no other reason than to keep him from aggravating Allison. Ben was well, just normal Ben today, but I wasn't up to the task and he ended up going to bed eating no more that a bowl of corn Chex and a cup of yougert...all day! And his milks of course. The boy loves milk. And Allison, who bless her heart really didn't do anything wrong, just got the brunt of my stress. Maybe I should have started drinking earlier.

Then Shane came up complaining about his bad work day and all I could think was, no fair...this is my day to get to complain. You can have tomorrow. I'm a creep I know. He's currently downstairs playing pool with his cousin, while I am up here with the kids, so I didn't feel too badly for too long.

On the upside though, I planted Allison in front of her current musical fixation, "Little Shop of Horrors" and am typing this to the sounds of Rick Moranis singing "Down on Skid Row..." Good times. I am sure I will earn a WMP for letting my 10 yr old watch a PG 13 movie where someone gets chopped up and fed to a man eating plant, but it's in the name of sanity. Plus it is a peppy soundtrack.

So I am off now to drown my day in wine and bubble bath and the 6th Harry Potter which I am rereading to prepare for Saturday. At least the day will end well.


karen said...

I'm sorry, Joy - I can't award and WMPs for Little Shop. I will say, however, that if that show doesn't cause nightmares, run right out for Sweeney Todd! :)

Grandmoo said...

Oh dear! I don't know you, or Clara, but I do have vivid memories of ear infection pain (before the days of tubes and stuff). It's a pain like no other. You may be exhausted, but I'm positive Clara senses your love and nurturance. Bless you and get some sleep!

ladypuppy said...

Little Shop of Horrors was my favorite movie when I was little, as in before the age of nine. Now, I once let a five year old watch Breakfast at Tiffany's with me... would that make me the Worst Nanny Ever?

BTW-- This is my new favorite blog! Any way a lowly former nanny could get in on this every once in a while? I've got a couple doozies.

Epiphany Alone said...

@Ladypuppy: Our blog authors are all Mamas. However, you're welcome to post your experiences in the comments :)

Joy, of course said...

Hi Ladypuppy! So glad to find out you are reading. Even though you can't be "worst mama ever" we would certainly welcome any of your nanny stories in the comments. You might give us some fresh WMP ideas. Heh.