Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Except for the Laughing....

I've been a good mama...really...I have. The kiddos are sleeping on clean, non smelly, non pee encrusted sheets and they have actual kid toothpaste again. This of course after two additional trips to the store without remembering and finally having to go back to the store for a third time. Is it so bad that the kiddos were using my adult whitening toothpaste? At least they know how to spit. Swallowing of toothpaste was minimal and their teeth are a very pretty shade of white.

Now for the laughing. It was not something I did. My husband is the bad daddy today. He is the one who pushed our older son in the pool. After many, many, many lectures about not pushing other people in the pool, my hubby decides it would be really funny to push Kyle in. We live in Florida. We are used to Florida weather. We are used to Florida warm water. Our pool does not qualify. The water is probably 65 degrees.

Kyle was not amused.

At all.

He screamed.

And cried.

I laughed.

I did not bring him a towel. I did not comfort him. I did not give the stern lecture about how we do not push people in the pool and that daddy was not nice for pushing him in the pool.

I laughed.

Ha ha ha.


LMP said...

Every now and then each of us needs to see the faintly malicious side to our parents. This lets us know that they COULD destroy our entire lives, so maybe we should just thank our lucky stars they're feeding and clothing us.

Ashley Long said...

That is exactly what I keep trying to tell my oldest child...