Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time change - you're doin it rong.

For those of you not in places that use Daylight Savings Time, yesterday evening was the switch. The media happily crow "Get an extra hour of sleep!"

For various irresponsible (and completely irrelevant) reasons, Round the Bend rolled into bed last night at 2:40am. "Not so bad," I thought - it's only 1:40... I can manage.

Apparently, nobody notified the children. At 6:30 normal time (5:30 new time... less than three hours after I went to sleep) Clever Monkey had his bedroom light on and was singing in full voice, while keeping the beat on the wall with his heels. I stomped. I growled. I was completely nude. I made it perfectly clear that his wake up time was 7am, which was almost 90 minutes away.

My message was not heard. I am very bleary. There has been a lot of shouting in my house today. And a lot of time out. Also PBS (Parenting By SesameStreet). The next time I believe that changing the number on the clock will reset my children's internal clocks - kick me. Hard.

It was not a good day.

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karen said...

Next year, gently rouse your children at 2:40am (1:40am). Take them to the potty, note they sound sniffly, dose them with 12-hour cough syrup and tuck them gently back in bed.

+1 WMP for all the shouting! PBS is actually pretty good parenting, as TV goes - try showing The Simpsons or Family Guy if you want to rack up a point or two for tube show choices...