Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hush...I Cant Hear the TV

I generally try to get to the gym 3 days a week to workout and then do a video at home one additional night. I am not sure why I continue to try and workout at home...with the boys here. There is only so much candy and tv you bribe them with before they actually do really get hungry.

Tonight I decided to try something a little different.

I typically give them cups to get something to drink and a snack. They can then get something more out of the fridge. However, even with all this built in protection I still get lots of interruptions. With me generally telling them to go away and leave me alone. Which apparently only causes a boomarang effect. I tell them to leave they come right back.

In order to minimize the whining and complaining I generally get for 50 mins of my 60 min workout I told the boys (3 &5) half way through to go get a bath by themselves with no actually eyes on supervision. They actually did it. Managed to get the next 25 mins with uninterupted exercise...then with only 5 lousy mins left to go my little one comes in all naked and wet and cold (shivering actually). Asking me to help get his underwear and pjs on. Really? I only have 5 mins left.

My response...

You can dress yourself or wait until I am done. Now hush so I can hear the TV.


*pab said...

+1 WMP for letting Todd turn blue while you and Billy played Tae Bo.

Jen Goble said...

well, if you're gonna let the kid freeze to death, at least you were doing something productive! :)