Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Oh go put on a sweater.",

We recently had some family over to spend the night for Halloween. Now, we hardly ever have overnight guests and I was in a frenzy trying to get my notoriously (yes, it really is notorious) messy home under control. Cleaning bathrooms. Taking a shovel to the guest room in the basement, which hadn't been used in six months and had since become the kids dumping ground. Changing sheets. Mopping floors. Biting the heads off anyone who dared sit down. You know, the usual stuff.

The morning of Halloween Shane popped his head in the kitchen and said "I forgot to call someone about the heat pump." I was in the middle of mopping and just game him an annoyed stare, trying to comprehend why he was telling me this. "It's too late now to get someone out here in time" he stated.

I kept staring at him blankly. "What does that mean?" I asked irritably"

"There won't be any heat in the basement when your brother comes..." he responded just as irritably.

No heat...

Oh my goodness, I had forgotten. The heat in the basement broke at the end of last year. The basement where Brandon and Allison's bedrooms are. The nights the preceding week had been in the upper 30s. Lower 40s at best. The heat upstairs (where my bedroom is) had been running for weeks. When Brandon and Allison had grumbled about how it was freezing down stairs they were being literal. It was actually freezing.

And, I had just told them to put on a sweatshirt. Awesome. At least now I know why Allie had been drinking hot chocolate by the gallon.


karen said...

I love the fact that your bedroom is toasty while your kids freeze... +1 WMP! No sympathy to the freezing kids, though. I think the only reason my mom used the heat at all while I was growing up was to keep the pipes from freezing, and we lived in Buffalo.

LMP said...

I've always been a big camper. Loves me some backpacking and I particularly love backpacking in the winter, because it's easy to get warm but, I think, much harder to cool off when it's hot. So I sleep in the cold a lot and I recommend, far more than a sweater, a fuzzy warm hat (80% of our body heat escapes through our heads, or, in some people's cases, our mouths). If they grumble you can just point out it's GEORGIA for heaven's sake and you can add "in MY day my friend who lived in Buffalo NY (where they get all that lake-effect snow)had to sleep outside in a tree because it was warmer than her bedroom. And she's fine!"