Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Last night, dear reader, you would have found your Tuesday correspondent fretting. "What antics have my children been up to? What anecdotes can I relate?" she questioned. All had been quiet on the home front. All was peaceful. All was calm. All was bright. Round yon Mama gathered happy children watching Rin-Tin-Tin.

And then.

This morning.

Well. All was no longer peaceful, calm, or bright.

I made the mistake of suggesting a list of fun things that my children could do whilst they were out of school today (three cheers for veterans!). The list is as follows (having absolutely nothing to do with veterans):

1. Run around the house five times.
2. Make slinky walk down the stairs.
3. Color a picture.
4. Do homework.
5. Read a book.
6. Play a game.
7. Play with a toy you haven't played with in over a week.
8. Look at toys in a toy catalog.

I know. Really painful. The list produced a fit that led to my son running up to his room, screaming, "Mommy's the worst mommy in my life!"

And that, my friends, is straight from the horse's mouth.


Sister K said...

if you suggested cleaning the house, maybe he would've been happier? LOLOLOL!

LMP said...

Or, you could've suggested fighting in a war for the day. Never to early to ply them with guilt. I'm pretty sure it's your job as a mom.

karen said...

I'm willing to award +1 WMP for #8. Looking at toys in a catalog that you can't have? You really might be the WME!

Spice Girl said...

It was for Christmas presents! Certain members of my family are asking what to get the boys for Christmas--I have NO idea. How's that for WME???

Chaotic Joy said...

Ginger-We were at one of Ben's friends birthday party on Saturday. He got a TON of presents. (ours was by far the most inexpensive one.) Then they were all set on a table once they were opened (apparently so everyone could see how cheap I am). I brought Ben over to the table and said "Which of these things do you like the best Ben?"

Same principle.

karen said...

I'm trying to figure out presents that do not need to be picked up. I'm thinking hockey tickets or movie tickets or something edible. Think my kids are too young to enjoy a Christmas ham? They could prepare it in our brand new kitchen...