Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not going to let the team down

I don't know. Do you have President's Choice food where you are? Because my children would not have eaten for the last two days except for the President's Choice.

Somehow, the magic elves have emptied my pantry, as in, no tuna, no pasta, no eggs, no rice... how did that happen? And why, oh why, is there *nothing* written on the shopping list? *sigh*

Anyhow, after they rejected frozen waffles and cereal as dinner options... we went all carnivore, all the time. President's Choice frozen pre-cooked meatballs. Just nuke and serve. With ketchup, of course, because every meal needs a vegetable.

Just don't ask me what I'm serving for daycare "healthy, litterless, nut-free, trans-fat-free" lunch tomorrow. It might be breakfast cereal. Wonder how that'll go over?


karen said...

My kids would have been dancing on the roof about frozen waffles and cereal for dinner! Clearly, your child programming regimen needs a tune-up.

Is there really any actual food that is "healthy, litterless, nut-free, trans-fat-free" and suitable for a daycare aged child? Is there really any actual food for any aged person that fits all those limits? I always had great success with daycare lunches, at least once I stopped taking the pesky choking-hazard notes personally, but we didn't have quite so many rules (at least not ones I followed).

Round the Bend said...


There is no such food.

But those are the guidelines, with nut-free being rigidly enforced and the others creating that disapproving look when violated.

My kid? Took leftover meatballs and ketchup. ;) and a pudding cup. But no spoon. Because, really, I can't be expected to remember everything.