Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Refusal

Call me a party pooper. Call me a spoil sport. But you'll see no pictures of my kids at Halloween. I didn't take many. Son #1 was not happy that day, and son #2 has decided that a smile is some weird facial expression involving the lips getting sucked in and the eyes bugging out and the cheeks flapping over.

But beyond the photographic trials of the day, I've decided to put the kibosh on Halloween next year. I don't like where it's going. Too many Halloween socials where there are 7-year olds dressed as axe murderers with vivid fake blood oozing out of everywhere; too many skulls and zombies; too much horror.

And when my 7-year old dressed like a clown gets shown the most disparaging disdain from a third-grade girl dressed like a hooker, then enough is enough. No more Halloween socials, because apparently, the parents of these kids have no sense.

Sure, we'll still carve jack o'lanterns. Sure, we'll still roast the pumpkin seeds. Sure, we'll still decorate the house in orange and black paper chains, candles, leaves and acorns. Sure, we'll even still go trick or treating in my neighborhood. But that's it.

Worst. Mama. Ever. Yeah, that's me.


Chaotic Joy said...

I was actually sitting there thinking that taking a stand for something really isn't very Worst Mama Everish. Now if you had dressed your sons as ax murderers, or even better, hookers then we could have given you some points.

Epiphany Alone said...

Amen to that.

*pab said...

The fact that you will still allow the trick-or-treating completely wipes away any potential for "meanest mama" points. :) My sister has already warned her boys, who are 5 and 3, that there will be no bringing home any 'hos.

Spice Girl said...

@pab--the trick or treating is for my benefit. The boys are allergic to most of their bounty, so I trade them for it. :)

Ashley Long said...

Awesome... I would totally give a point for making your kids run around in costume doing all the work for the candy then having to give it all to you. +1

*pab said...

oooohhhh - I LIKE that plan. I agree with the +1WMP awarded by Ashley for, essentially, pimping out your kids and then stealing their candy.