Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eeeewwww...I smell pee

Is the first sentence out of my 5 year old sons mouth this evening as he got into bed.


It does.

You should not have accidents in bed.

And, even better the sheets have been soiled since, oh I dont know...Thursdayish.

And, and I am not washing them tonight nor do I have a spare set to put on the bed. I could have put them in the top bunk of the full-on-full bunk beds they have...but oh that would make me a "good" mom. Besides I do still have a fear of my 3 year old rolling off the top bunk and donking his head on the wood floor...then I would have to get up and all and miss sleep.

Even better...I have been told now for like a week that the kids are out of toothpaste. Yep, you guessed it. They are still out of toothpaste and I am not going to the store tonight to get it.


Chaotic Joy said...

I would say this is a 2 pointer. One for no toothpaste on Halloween week no less. A dentists dream. And one for stinky sheets. You are off to a formidable start.

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Yeah, eeewww is right. Get those sheets washed mama!!

karen said...

Two words: HEFTY BAG. SEcure one around his waist, completely covering his PJ bottoms and feet but with his PJ top outside the bag. If he has an accident in the night, undress him in the bathtub, carefully throw out the bag and you'll only have to wash the wet pants.

karen said...

P.S. I'll agree with Joy on 2 points for this one! I might even go for three, if he shares a room - subjecting a kid who didn't wet the bed to old pee smell is worth a point, too.

Ashley Long said...

Sweet. My boys share not only the room but the bed. Todd, the one who did not pee on the sheets, had to sleep on them too.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh yeah. Definitely 3 points then. YUCK!