Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fail: pick up from school

I decided when I put Lin down for a nap today, that I would lay down for a little while too. After 3 hours of sorting cans last night and 2 hours of sorting clothes this morning, I was feeling pretty bushed. I set my alarm for 2:35 PM (pick up is at 3 PM).

I only hit snooze once. I glanced at Lindsay, motionless on her bed.

I thought, if I leave right at 3:00 PM, maybe I won't have to wait in line and then I can be back in 10 minutes before Lindsay wakes up. Because, you know, Mamas, there ain't nothing worse than the woken-up-out-of-sound-sleep tantrum.

I started reading about something on the Internet, and before I knew it the clock read 3:10 PM. Oh no! I rushed out of the house and drove over to the school to be the last car through the pick up line (but, hey! no waiting!) and made it home by 3:20 PM as Lindsay called downstairs, "Hi, Mama! I woke up by myself!"

Yeah. Maybe all that helping people is starting to karmically pay off?


Chaotic Joy said...

Oh I would call this a two pointer. One for forgetting to pick up your kid because of playing on the internet (I would never do this) and one leaving your other kid home alone.

karen said...

Darned internets! Or is that darned school pickup, getting in the way of perfectly good internet time? +2 indeed, for blowing off school pickup and for leaving Lin to fend for herself.