Monday, November 3, 2008

From Halloweens past

Alright, this is going to be a cute post, but you'll also get an idea of how I've thrown in the parenting towel...Exhibit 1: Halloween 2002. Six week old Lauren with Seamus. Just ignore the man behind the curtain. Note that there are 2 bottles of wine and several cans of cat food in the frame.

Exhibit 2: October 2003. This isn't even a Halloween picture. I think Lauren may be nipping at the cider...
Exhibit 3: Halloween 2004. We had just moved in to Chez Stoll, you can tell by the lack of stuff. Lauren loved this costume and wore it for weeks before and after Halloween. Her shoes also have elephants on them. Yes, it is rather like I clone my children.

Exhibit 4: Halloween 2005. This one was purchased by my mom. Also a favorite that got worn for weeks and weeks.

Exhibit 5a: Halloween 2006. Lauren's Pre-K party. If not for Karen, there'd be no costume - I was pretty much flat out with trying to deal with public school and an infant. This was beautifully handmade by Momo. It is both adorable and toasty warm.

Exhibit 5b: Halloween 2006. Lindsay, perched in her Snugli, dressed up as Tigger. She refused to wear the hood, so mostly she just looked like she usually looked, but in an orange fleece instead of a pink one.

Exhibit 6: Halloween 2007. And here it starts to fall apart as Lauren dresses as Blue for the second year in a row. This year, Lindsay fits into the Green Puppy costume that Momo made for Lars. I tried to paint noses on them. Fail. They are both crying in this picture.

Exhibit 7: Halloween 2008. You'll note Lindsay is wearing the same costume from exhibit 4, although it was my intention to put her in the one Lauren wore in exhibit 3. My mother purchased 3 costumes - two bride costumes (one for each) and a black kitty costume for Lindsay. Lauren wore the bride costume to school, but had her heart set on trick or treating in a handed down chicken costume that the babysitter from the Y gave me. It was at least a size too big. We kept having to hike up the fleecy pants because they puddled around her ankles.



Chaotic Joy said...

I'm having trouble finding points in these pictures too. Too much cuteness.

LMP said...

I remember in 2004 I commented that the elephant didn't seem very scary and you pointed out that on the eve of re-electing W it was hard to imagine anything scarier.