Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Say Cheese!

Thanks so much to Jen for letting me off the hook on posting today. I've been frantically trying to take and put together my Christmas Card order at Tiny Prints before the sale ends today. Here's a preview of how it went.

And lest you think that this is the result of hours of photographic torture, this is the very first shot. It was it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

And I guess it's worth noting that Brandon has strictly forbidden me to post pictures or mention him on my blog. Which is why he has been something of a ghost in my writings lately. But for some reason, I kind of liked this picture of Brandon all annoyed at his bratty sister so I figured I'd rebel. Besides, if I was Brandon I would use the argument that this isn't technically my blog. So there.


Ashley Long said...

Chocolate. Its how I got my xmas shot 2 years ago. I held the chocolate just out of the reach of the boys little hands and snapped the pic of them ohhhing and ahhhing over getting candy before dinner.

LMP said...

@Ashely I will recommend you win for the month if you'll just tell me you subsequently refused to give them the candy until they ate dinner.

@Joy - you should use that photo as your Christmas card! Crying child, bored and annoyed child, two children missing...on the inside you can write "Merry Christmas from an extremely busy mom!" or something. People will understand. That card will stay up on the fridge for months.

Ashley Long said...

I wish. No getting out of it. Had to give them the candy before dinner...however both of them did have on nice white long sleeved shirts for the picture. Chocoloate and white shirts really do not go well together.

Jen Goble said...

I've given up on trying to get pics of all three of my kids together. It's way more work than it's worth, especially now that my youngest is almost walking - none of 'em will sit still for thirty seconds, and forget about all of them sitting still at the same time.