Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's a Zero Nutrition Morning

This morning it was cold and rainy, so I stayed in bed for ten extra minutes, which meant that when I finally got Matthew out of bed, he had approximately twelve minutes to get ready for school. I dug out some clean clothes for him from the laundry basket where they were waiting patiently to be folded and put away (someday). I even packed his backpack for him, because I'm such a nice mom.

Now, eating a bowl of cereal typically takes him at LEAST ten minutes. We now have 4 1/2 minutes left till he needs to be outside waiting for the bus. What's a mom to do?

Chocolate chip cookies, of course.

I rationalize this with the reminder that if he'd have eaten breakfast at school, he'd have gotten a pop-tart. Cookie...poptart...same difference.

However, I did stand outside in the freezing rain with him so I could quiz him on his spelling words while we waited for the bus. (Okay, I was standing outside in the rain to walk the dog, but let's just pretend it's because I'm a good mom.)

(I just realized that he did not brush his teeth. *sigh*)


Chaotic Joy said...

My best friend and I regularly talk about how we eat cake and cookies for breakfast and then won't let our kids. I say one point for chocolate chip cookies (although I agree with your pop-tarts assessment.)

karen said...

I'll agree with +1 WMP, but I'm awarding it for quizzing him on his spelling in the freezing rain while waiting for the bus. Great way to start the kid's morning off right!

Round the Bend said...

And while I'll agree with +1 point for cookies for breakfast... what's with the responsible pet ownership.

It's a sign, isn't it, that our dogs don't actually recognize the word "Walk"