Monday, November 24, 2008

Salty Language

I am asking forgiveness for posting a day early, but I know I will not have time tomorrow.

Lucas confessed to me the other day while waiting for his big brother to get out of school, that he found it hard not to say bad words sometimes. I managed not to snort and say "DUH!". Instead I said, " Mommy has a hard time with that too. Let's make a deal. Every time you catch me using a bad word, you say, 'You owe me a quarter!' and I will do the same for you." Lucas giggled and agreed.

"Who do you think will end up with more money?"

"Definitely me Mommy!"(more giggling from both of us).

A few quiet pondering moments pass, "Mom, can I still say 'Crap'?"

A few more pondering moments pass, "Yeah, but try not to say it in school. Okay?"

At least I won't be broke in a week!

1 comment:

karen said...

+1 WMP for bartering cash for curses with your kid. Why didn't I think of this? Oh, right...I haven't got nearly enough quarters.