Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello From Abaco!

I don't have much time...these international internet connection rates are expensive. Even so, ladies, I refuse to let you down! PG, Zane and I are enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving week in the Abacos (northernmost island chain in the Bahamas) with PG's dad and stepmom. We left our cares, worries and stress at home; but our bad parenting skills earned a passport stamp along with Zane.

In our first four days of sun and fun, Zane has tumbled off a bed (a bed located in an upstairs loft, where he was supposed to be napping while I took a nice, long, hot shower...); smacked his nose on the bedside table; and has been allowed - and even encouraged! - to crawl with abandon along un-barricaded docks, gathering splinters in his feet and legs; and has visited so many bars...oh, so many bars...a fine, fine display of parenting, indeed.

But today promises to be the piece de resistance. Today is the day for the annual Florida - Florida State showdown (or, smackdown, as it should be today...) In our divided house, the agreement is that Zane will wear a onesie with the colors and emblems of the home team, and another garment with the colors and emblems of the visiting team. That means he has to wear an FSU onesie today, with a Gator hat. Anyone who knows me well, will understand that dressing him in a garnet & gold FSU onesie amounts to torturing my child. So, that's just great. He'll be a crawling, babbling identity crisis, watching the biggest game of the year in a bar, overlooking the ocean with two parents who have been swizzled.


LMP said...

I'll give you a point for clothing him in an ensamble you find offensive, but the points really come when mommy and daddy get in a brawl over the game. Include pictures!

Chaotic Joy said...

Maybe his diaper will leak. :)