Saturday, November 17, 2007


The kids are in the back of the car, whining about their oh-so-tragic lives. My eyes are rolled to the roof, ears pinned to my head with the effort of trying not to hear them. I don't really feel like being crabby but they MUST STOP WHINING or my head will explode and splattered brains are really hard to clean off leather seats. I decide to tackle the problem at hand with very bad singing and burst into a rendition of 'Agony' from Into The Woods. Chris joins in immediately and I'm grateful - he's a HUGE help in the very bad singing arena. We gleefully sing the chorus at the top of our lungs, breaking into two different notes where actual singers would be in harmony. As our final notes die, Ross groans, "UGH! MY PARENTS!" and I feel perfectly content.


Grandmoo said...

What ever happened to just being parent-tyrants and ordering your children to behave? (Nearly worked for me with you!)

Spice Girl said...

I need to learn more of that song than the refrain. +1 WME point for torturing your children. Kudos to Chris too. Wicked grin.

Chaotic Joy said...

Hee hee hee.