Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sleeping on the job.

It's been a sluggish kind of day. The cold I have been beating off the last week waged a sneak attack last night and I woke up hacking and sniffling. I was also suffering from what I refer to as The Day After Halloween. When the kids and I are all exhausted from too much excitement, too much sugar, and not enough sleep.

So exhausted in fact, that after I got out of bed with Ben, I fell asleep on the sofa while he was watching "SuperWhy". And I didn't wake up when Allie got up for school - and bless her heart she didn't wake me up - until I heard the front door slam on her way out to the bus. No hugs or kisses or "Have a good day, honey" this morning for her.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, once I bundled Ben off to preschool I came home and settled back on the couch and fell asleep, AGAIN. Only to wake up because Clara had climbed up into the chair and onto the little table/magazine stand next to it, and she and the table went crashing to the ground.

Don't worry, she stopped screaming shortly and I used the mountain of sugar in the house in the form of Halloween candy to help me stay awake after that.

Besides her goose egg has nothing on Lars'.


karen said...

1 WMP for not even rolling over when Allie left for school.

-1 WMP for raising a girl who knows when her Mama needs the nap and lets her have it.

1 WMP for leaving that table out where Clara could climb on it. You really should be more careful about where you leave the furniture.

Ann Marie said...

How the heck do you nap with a kid in the house at all? You are my hero.

Ann Marie said...

Oh, and this household is a snot factory, too - does duct-taping a two-year-old's arms down to suck out her nose count as Bad Mama? Because we're almost there.

emmay said...

Definitely a point for poor Clara.