Friday, November 16, 2007

It Makes A (Grand)Mother Proud

Chris (general service announcement): Saturday's game starts at 7:00am.

Ross (with sincere conviction and tone exactly matching his mother and her mother -yes, you, grandmoo! - before her): Crap!

Chris (amused (ok, well not very amused but it will be funny later (at least to his wife)) to see his wife and mother-in-law rendered before him in the form of an eight-year-old boy) glares at Ross, eyebrows raised.

Ross (meekly, exactly matching tone of his mother after she utters same expletive in presence of children): Sorry.


Chaotic Joy said...

I admit I am pretty prudy and don't curse in general. But "Crap" is my favorite expletive and one day when Ben was two he just walked around all day saying "Crap! Crap! Crap!" Brandon thought it was so funny so he encouraged him. It's now an ongoing battle to get that word removed from his vocabulary. Because while it could be worse, they still don't look kindly on it at the Baptist Preschool.

Grandmoo said...

He did not get that "sorry" from his Grandmoo! (By the way, "Oh Crap" were the first words uttered by devout Mormon, Marie Osmond, upon awakening after fainting dead away and dropping like a rock on live television a couple of weeks ago on Dancing with the Stars.)

Spice Girl said...

My mom (the Mormon)'s favorite expletive while we were growing up was "Rat crap" which is seriously disgusting. But then, my favorite expletive as a teenager was "Moose poo."

karen said...

Moose poo! I remember moose poo. I should remember it more often...Chris would probably like it better than other things I let fly.