Friday, November 9, 2007

What's In That Glass?

The kids are banging around in their lab (play area in the basement) and Chris has served himself some orange soda. He drinks most of it but leaves a last swallow or two in the glass while he deals with some part of making dinner. As he's stirring, Ross wanders in, eyes magnetically drawn to the neon orange colored drink. "What's in that glass?"

Chris and I are facing opposite directions in the kitchen, with no casual way to signal each other to determine who should respond so there's a pause before I say, "That's Daddy's high-sucrose bariatric drink. For his digestion."

Ross contemplates for a moment, "So, he HAS to drink it?"

"Yes," Chris says, "It's important that I drink it."


Grandmoo said...

You always win in my book! (Yesterday, mine was Mug root beer to help me digest the fried chicken I got at the deli; I'm sure we're both healthier now):-)

Epiphany Alone said...

I'll give a point for the story about orange soda.

Fraukow said...

We went to a cheese factory that our neighbor is part owner of for free cheese - they also had wine samples. Andrew asked if he could try some. I replied "You get the unfermented apple kind." The guy behind me snickered, Andrew replied "What, just cider?!"