Monday, November 26, 2007

I'll probably catch more flack from Ginger

...but it's hard to have a list of wrongs after a 4-day weekend with their oft-traveling Daddy. If I described how we put up the Christmas tree and lights - 2 strands of colored bulbs, and a strand of icicles - on the front of our house, I'd probably lose some points. I have to admit it was almost like a Mommy vacation, being able to go to the gym 2 days (it was closed on Thanksgiving), slept in 2 days, and had a turkey dinner (and 3 days of leftovers) that couldn't be beat.

I could tell you I'm bringing infectious Lindsay to the gym with me today, but I have the sense that you're pretty underwhelmed with my toting of my sick kid, even if it's just for personal fitness.


Spice Girl said...

Yes, well, this morning found me YET AGAIN pulling wet sheets off a bed and bathing a stinky child...

At least I had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!

No flack from me, Miss Epiphany, but no points either!

emmay said...

I brought two sick kids to the gym today!