Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wino kid

Epiphany and Lindsay, Thanksgiving 2007

Come on, you knew this was coming. What else would a Worst Mama do?


Grandmoo said...

WME Karen absolutely refused to let go of the furniture despite it being obvious that she could walk just fine (only 9 month old, but she didn't have much to support). One day she held on while she walked over to a friend's wine glass, picked it up, drank it in one gulp, and walked across the room. (Since then she's even learned to skate!)

karen said...

+1 WMP for the complete and total attention Lin is paying to your wine glass. You do know you'll be able to use that in your favor, right? It's not as if having a glass of wine as a prop will be difficult, but how handy when you need her full attention later!