Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another one for Paige

How much of my list was accomplished when Lindsay was born (and mind you I already had a great deal of the baby stuff from Lauren:

  1. crib and changing table assembled and installed, with the crib mattress on its side, no linens on either
  2. beautiful crib linens installed in crib
  3. new hardware affixed to family heirloomempty chest of drawers formerly belonging to Lauren
  4. chest of drawers placed in room
  5. a box of baby clothes - some new, some used, all unlaundered - in closet
  6. half-painted room
  7. dust bunnies bears in corners
  8. enormous wasted space at top of closet
  9. diapers and wipes in boxes under crib, none stocked in gingham lined wicker baskets
  10. all none of the kid laundry washed (own no Dreft)
The nursery was unfinished when I had Lindsay a month early, Alec had to call our handyman to come and finish it in 2 days, and when my mom and my grandma came down the day I left the hospital, I pleaded with them to launder all of the baby clothes, linens, and help me wash down the swing, playpen, and bouncy seat so that I had somewhere to put the baby besides on my person.


*pab said...

Hi Lady E - in about three days, I would be a month early, and I'm starting to have those panics about going into labor...hence my frantic drive accomplish the (seeminlgy endless) tasks before me. I have a feeling, though, that my perfectionist tendencies will be the very first casualty of motherhood...and, candidly, I'm looking forward to it! :)

Epiphany Alone said...

That is my experience, yes. I still struggle with the perfectionistic tendencies, though.

emmay said...

Ah, my insistence on finding all puzzle pieces each evening so that they could be put not the apporopriate puzzle frame didn't actually disappear until my second child came along. Now they're all just in a plastic bag. And game pieces..hah! But that might be more OCD than perfectionist.

Chaotic Joy said...

Ah yes, all my children were born to different degrees of disarray. I just wanted to prepare them for what they had to look forward to. :)