Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The other side of things

While the rest of you are being paragons of nurturing maternal grace, I am doing the sixth load of wet blankets, sheets, pjs, and various stuffed animals from yet another night-time accident and while I'm doing it, I'm NOT contemplating how adorable my children are. (Yes, that's an elbow nudge to you, Epiphany! And BTW, my children push each other down the stairs all the time.)

On top of that, consider an upcoming trip to the in-laws for T-day and all the laundry that encompasses, AND a deadline for a 20-page workshop submission, AND a request for a completely revised manuscript (80 pages worth to be doubled) AND a sick child home from school, AND a sick child at school, and you have one ugly mama.

My children don't dare talk to me today.


Grandmoo said...

You could try having them sleep in a swim suit in the tub maybe? So been there, so done that. This, too, shall pass.(But by then, you may be paying for college tuition.)

karen said...

+1 WMP just for surviving the day without incarceration. Your kids ARE adorable - here's hoping you'll be able to appreciate that again soon!