Saturday, November 24, 2007

Showering Solo

[This was supposed to go up on Thanksgiving Thursday but we were out of town and I completely forgot. Thanks to Epiphany for the saving NaBloPoMo post!]

We are almost to the part of life where I'll be able to say, "Time to get ready for bed," and both boys will be able to get through the requirements unassisted. Almost.

Sent up together, they get distracted and while they dabble in many of the getting ready tasks, they fail to complete any portion of the process. Sent up individually, they can each get through the routine with only minor mishap.

Ross managed to get himself ready, shower and all, in record time. He was rewarded with time to play x-box before bed.

Inspired, Lars rushed upstairs to show that he, too, could produce a clean boy in pajamas without any help. At first all went well. Normal noises came from above. Footfalls moving from one room to the next, water running in the tub (none, thankfully, into the back hall), water shutting off.

After a while, we noticed there wasn't any more noise. The bathroom door was closed, which is somewhat unusual, but the scene behind the door was normal...or was it?

Pile of dirty clothes, pile of towels, pile of pajamas. No boy. No boy? It would explain all the silence...and then we looked more closely at the pile of towels.

Lars had covered himself completely and fallen asleep on the bathmat. Sound asleep. He hadn't made it into his pajamas, either. I would have left him there - he seemed fine - but his father prevailed and we moved him into his bed.


Chaotic Joy said...

Oh this is great! I actually remember laying on the bathmat as a little girl and covering myself completely in my towel. Lars and I are kindred spirits. I don't think I ever fell asleep though. Very funny.

And I didn't notice him in the pictures until I went back and looked.

Grandmoo said...

Lars so much takes after Sister K (despite no direct blood lines). Remember when she fell asleep in the middle of dancing at a slumber party and somebody stepped on her head?

emmay said...

That is so adorable! I didn't notice him either.

Epiphany Alone said...

You deserve 1 WMP, if for nothing else, thinking about letting him sleep naked on the wet bathmat. Can you imagine waking up there?