Saturday, November 17, 2007

With Progress Comes Consequence


  1. crib and changing table assembled and installed
  2. beautiful crib linens installed in crib
  3. new hardware affixed to family heirloom chest of drawers
  4. chest of drawers installed into "finished" closet
  5. bronze curtain rod installed above closet
  6. tab top drapery panels arranged on bronze curtain rod
  7. bronze tie-back hooks installed on molding at either side of closet
  8. shelving installed in enormous wasted space at top of closet
  9. canvas storage bins installed on upper shelves in closet
  10. all kid laundry washed (in Dreft!), dried, carefully folded and lovingly stowed in nursery


  1. swollen feet
  2. serious fatigue
  3. a seemingly endless List of Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

Could somebody please stop the hamster wheel? I want to rest for a while, and maybe put up my feet!


karen said...

Wow! Sounds like you got an awful lot done. You should make a point of going in to admire those beautiful crib linens three or four times a a few weeks, you might never see them totally clean again. :)

Put those feet up now while you can - the hamster wheel probably won't stop for about 18 years. Swiss boarding school, anyone?

emmay said...

Hmmm.. all that progress might call for a deduction in points. But I'm new here...I don't want to make any enemies.

*pab said...

My feet will attest to "getting an awful lot done" and will protest a loss of points. I could probably play Barnie Rubble in a broadway production of the Flinstones, given how cartoonishly swollen my feet are!