Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Dentist Will Give Him A New Toothbrush Next Week

"Stop messing around! Your toothbrush just fell on the nasty a$~ bathroom floor!"

(shock; suppressed giggle), "MAMA! You said a BAD word."

(motherglare; guilty feeling in stomach), "BRUSH your TEETH."

Surprisingly, he obeys. He's about half done when I realize he's using the toothbrush that was just on the offensive floor. Oh well. Someone in his class may have sent home head lice this week, why not capitulate with a little hoof & mouth disease potential?


emmay said...

At least it didn't fall in the toilet!!

Grandmoo said...

The Franciscan nuns used to tell Gramma that a child had to eat a peck of dirt before he or she could enter Heaven. (They'd say that every time Gramma got embarrased because the nuns saw us looking filthy, which was often since we lived only half a block from the Convent.) It will give me peace to know that Gramma's great grandsons will have their place in Heaven secured.